Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Imran Through My Eyes - By Brother Farzad.

I received a touching email which made the tears flow from my eyes today from brother Farzad who was a friend of Imrans (may Allah have Mercy on his soul ameen) for a great many years. He had written a short piece on brother Imran title ... Imran Through My Eyes and wanted to share it with you all. I hope this post helps those of you who never knew Imran try and imagine the wonderful and kind person he was and for those of you who did know him no doubt it will bring tears to your eyes and the memories come back.


I met Imran whiles at Green Hill College he was our Ameer for the Islamic society within the college. As time went by I realized that this brother has great leadership qualities within him and those who followed him were pleased with his decision in all that was good.

He organized, facilitated, supported and sacrificed his time and effort in trying to establish the Islamic Society at the college. He organized jumah prayers, Islamic seminars, weekly study circles and many other things for the sake of Allah. Often I used to see him working on the college computers designing posters, leaflets or preparing him self for a lecture whilst others were browsing the internet downloading music, nasheeds, chatting on msn……… things that either harmed them individually or benefited them individually but with Imran he always had something else in his mind something better something that would benefit others.

Frequently we used to speak about the situation of the Muslims within and outside college and he would always reply saying “Farzad we are not doing enough” I always sensed a feeling of guilt and responsibility that he carried within himself for the Muslims and the situation that they are facing.

After successfully establishing the Islamic Society his humble heart appointed brother Marwan as his successor vowing to help and support him as much as he can.

I never saw Imran greeting me or anyone else except with a smile. He was soft in his speech, gentle in his dealings with Muslims and non Muslims, his character was a Sunnah his manners were a Sunnah ……….. … Sadness fills the heart when I think about him with a sense of loss that I cannot explain but feel. I can’t say any more apart from begging you oh Allah to have mercy on his gentle soul.

The last time I met Imran was roughly two months ago in Harrow at an Islamic seminar in Byron Hall……….. I shook his hand and hugged him not knowing that it would be our last greeting, he smiled at me not knowing that it was his last smile, I asked about his family whom he always spoke very highly off specially his dearest mother (whom only Allah knows the pain in her heart). Before we departed I said to him: “I will see you soon Imran” he replied “Inshallah” not knowing what lay ahead.

The day I read the text about his death my whole body froze staring at my phone unsure if it was true. Then when the news of his death was confirmed I remember weeping as if my own brother has passed away. Crying and begging Allah to have mercy on Imran. That night I could not sleep most of the night thinking about Imran over and over and over again.

When Allah loves a servant of his he calls Jibrael a.s and says: I love So-and-so, therefore love him. He (the Prophet pbuh) said: So Jibrael loves him. Then he (Jibrael) calls out in heaven, saying: Allah loves So-and-so, therefore love him. And the inhabitants of heaven love him. He (the Prophet pbuh) said: Then acceptance is established for him on earth. Muslim, Bukhari, Malik and at-Tirmidhi.

May Allah unite and raise Imrans soul with the prophets, the pious, the truthful and the martyrs. He benefited many in this life may he benefit from their deeds in the next life. Ameen.


waranga said...

i've gone cold after reading that, Alhamdulillah. He sounds like an inspiration mashaAllah, just reminds me that death knows no age.

May Allah (Swt) grant him the best of the akhirah, ameen.

Maiwand said...


Mashallah, brother Farzad has beautifully summarized the character and qualities of Imran. I affirm what ever has been said about Imran is accurate and may Allah have mercy on his soul.