Friday, January 26, 2007

Dua for Our Brother Imran Saithna

Yesterday evening I spent much time thinking of our brother and how it was his first night in the grave and how he faced the questioning angels subhana'Allah. Deep in my heart I made dua for him and as today being a the first whole day of his life in the grave I make sincere dua to Allah to give him ease in his grave ameen.
A few of us who knew him sat together and remembered some of the important lessons we learnt from him and all of us recalled how he was constantly concerned about being good to others and helping others and learning from others some advice which we should all follow insha'Allah!

'May Allah have Mercy on him, Forgive him, and comfort him in his grave and grant him the company of beautiful angels who will insure his time in barzakh is filled with light which goes beyond the horizon and may his soul be met by angels who stand in total amazment and envy at the love and welcome he will receive from Allah and Jannah. May Allah provide him with such company that he will not fear anything any more, may he feel at rest and ease, may he enjoy the company of the riteous and benefit from the sweet smells of Jannah. May he receive the warm welcome of our Rabb Allah and may he truly be happy now and at bliss in the company of his beloved creator. May his meeting with Allah be a great pleasure for Allah and for Imran Ameen.'


Fajr said...

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji'oon

May Allaah have mercy on 'Imran and grant him the highest of Paradise, al-Firdaws al-A'laa

As you rightly mentioned, he worked very hard in establishing the Islamic Society, and I was a witness to his many efforts. He actively fought in geting us an adequate prayer room which has lasted many years now and is being used by 100's of Muslim students till this day.

He would get along with everyone at college, from the non-practising, to the non-Muslim & everyone got along with him. He would tirelessly organise many Islamic events for a spectrum of different audiences and had this vision of bringing Islam to the people alhamdulillaah. I especially remember a quiz night for the youth which was an excellent success alhamdulillah.

The no.'s at his janazah only bear witness to his popularity - he will be missed by all and understandably his family primarily. May Allaah keep them strong and aid them through this life and the next.

Please keep us updated ukhti!

Jazaakillaahu khayran
Wasalaamu `alaykum

Maiwand Nazari said...

The news of brother Imran’s dead is one of the worst news I have had for long time. I am speechless so don’t know what to say. When I heard about his dead, I couldn’t stop crying and I am sure I m not the only one out there. The beautiful time, I had with him will be always missed and valued.

One day he came down and gave me a Quran with English translation and said this is a gift from me. The way he gave this beautiful gift and his approach was brilliant. It can only be imagined and not described in words.

He was an inspiration to me and he was one of that very special friend and brother that I would always listened to. He would always work hard when it came to serving the deen and all the people around him. I will be one of the witnesses on the day of judgment for his good deeds. May Allah reward him for all his good actions and grant him Junnah.

I can just say one thing to his family and all those that knew him that he was, he is and he always will be an inspiration to us and we can be PROUD of him. May Allah give him his status in Junnah.

Maiwand Nazari

Anonymous said...

Feeling helpless at the loss of a brother with whom i crossed paths for such a short but significant enough time to witness his goodness, i found myself wondering through his blogspot, as if somehow this would make it easier. then, i read the final line, which would have been from his first blog; "Who knows that maybe once i am gone, it (the blog)will be a source of inspiration for those i leave behind, insha'Allah". Indeed Imran, it has been. May Allah shower you in His Mercy and Love and May you now rest in sweet slumber in the vast garden of your grave until you are raised infront of your Creator, pleased and well pleasing. ameen

Invisible said...

Its so true these words you all have written...Fajr you mention the large number at his Janaza yet we should all know that this is not even half the number of both brothers and sisters who wished to come but were unable to... even people from across the globe emailed in wishing they could attend others who found out too late after the Janaza was over and others still yet to find out about the sad news of his death Allah grant him His forgivness and Jannah Ameen.

Maiwand you mention how you once received a gift of a beauiful English translation of the Quran and how it bought you much pleasure... I would not be surprised if it gave Imran more pleasure giving it to you. A few months back he came into the Islamic bookshop where I work and asked me if I had in stock Muhammad Asads translation of the Quran when I said yes, his face beamed with happiness and he was really happy masha'Allah.... yes it is a popular translation but as its a but pricy compared to others some usually find out if we have it in stock then return for it later, others sometimes students save up and come back and others like Imran just buy it there and then. As he was buying it he could not stop smiling and I thought o myself ahhh he must have wanted this for a long time I hope he enjoys it... no sooner had I thought that he said, 'Im sooooo happy Ive managed to get this as this is going to make someone very very happy'... Subhana'Allah he was getting it as a gift for someone else this is why he was so happy as he knew it would be bringing them happiness masha'Allah! I remember thinking to myself most of us get really happy when we buy ourselves something nice and although we like to give presents too its rare to find someone who is even more happy giving than receiving masha'Allah... that sums up Imran he was more happy to give than to receive! May Allah be pleased upon receiving him Ameen!

Maiwand said...

As-salamu alaikum

I have been asked to leave a message of condolence about Imran’s death on behalf of my beloved mother. He is mashallah in prayers of all of us in the family.

One day all of us brothers including Imran ended up in my house to have some Afghani food. I still remember that he wouldn’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed the food and that beautiful smile on his face. Today Imran is not with us but the memories are going to be with us for rest of our life.

On another occasion, I asked his advice about a personal problem that I had. His advice as usual was brilliant and he was very supportive all the way. I can sit here and talk for ever about the good memories of him.

To his beloved mother, we can say one thing that may Allah give every mother a son like yours.

You always going to be in our prayers and memories. May Allah grant you Junnah